Greyhound FAQ

Do Greyhounds make good pets?
What are Greyhound breed characteristics?
How are male and female Greyhounds different?
How old are the retired racers?
Are Greyhounds good with other pets? What about small dogs and cats?
Are Greyhounds easy to obedience train?
Are Greyhounds easy to house train?
Aren't they 'wild' when they come off the track?
Can Greyhounds have separation anxiety?
Are Greyhounds aggressive?
If I want an outdoor dog is the Greyhound for me?
Do they make good watchdogs?
Do greyhounds make good therapy or service dogs?
How long can a Greyhound be left alone?
Don't you need a big house or yard for such a big dog?
Are Greyhounds suited to apartment/condo living?
Can I trust my Greyhound off leash?
Do Greyhounds have special grooming needs?
What if I’m allergic to dogs? Can I get a Greyhound?
Why do some dogs have little or no hair on their rear thighs and tails or rough spots on their elbows?
How important is exercise for my Greyhound?
Are Greyhounds good with children?
Do Greyhounds dig?
They are called sight hounds, but how good is their eye sight?
Can Greyhounds swim?
Why do I see people muzzling their Greyhounds at get-togethers?
Does Greyhound Pet Adoption NW microchip greyhounds before they are adopted?
Do greyhounds make good service dogs?
Who can I call if I have questions about my Greyhound?