Non-Cash Support

We always need non-cash support of goods and materials. Every contribution of services or goods helps increase the amount we can spend directly on the Greyhounds.

Contact us if you need information about a non-cash contribution.

Wish List

Amazon Wish List  is a program where you can donate to Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest through a wish list of select items that are greatly needed. It’s similar to a wedding registry. Take a look! We need dog care supplies, first aid supplies, laundry detergent for washing dog blankets, office supplies and more!

Dog Food

We always need high quality dry dog food to feed our foster dogs. We are currently using Nutra Nuggets, Lamb Meal & Rice formula available at Costco and Fred Meyer.

Dog Supplies

We have spent a lot of time researching specific products that we use to care for our foster dogs. There are specific brands that we use regularly. Some are available at a pet supply store, online or at a veterinary clinic. To donate these supplies, please only provide the exact items listed so we can maintain our continuity and standards. We always need CET Chews for our foster dogs, CET Chlorhexadine dental rinse, finger tooth brushes, Frontline Plus, Capstar (Flea Tabs), Revolution, Heartguard, Interceptor (worm pills), Nature Vet Enzymes & Probiotics, Super Omega3 capsules (available at Costco).

Bathing Supplies

Oatmeal & Aloe Vera Dog Shampoo, Oatmeal & Aloe Vera Dog Conditioner, Get Serious odor remover.

Auction Items

Donate an item suitable for auction at a fundraising event: Gift items, Dinners, Travel, Art, Greyhound specialty items.

Laundry Detergent

We wash a lot of towels and blankets and always need laundry detergent. Unscented, sensitive skin formulas for High Efficiency washers are the best.

Printing Services

We print brochures, flyers and newsletters

Graphic Design Services

To help prepare our printed literature

Storage Space

We have a number of items that need to be stored between events, from signs and banners to tables, tents and dog supplies

Locations for Events

Places to show the Greyhounds, places to hold fundraising events and places to hold member events