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Cents - FullThe Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest Sponsorship program cares for Senior Greyhounds and Special Needs Greyhounds that have complicated medical conditions. Because these Greyhounds require extra care, their stay in our foster homes may be longer than most. We accept any Greyhound in need, even if the dog was not originally placed by Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest. If a senior aged Greyhound does not find an adoptive home, we will care for that dog for the rest of it’s life in a loving foster home. Every Greyhound in our program is treated with love, caring and the best medical attention available. And, this treatment can be expensive.

There are two ways you can help sponsor a Greyhound. You can provide a one-time Sponsorship Donation of support, or you can have a monthly recurring Sponsorship Donation. Even $10 a month helps us with on-going expenses for a sponsored dog for food, housing and medical care.  When you click on the blue Sponsor button in the upper left or below,  PayPal will give you an option to check for a recurring donation if you wish to choose that option.


Will you help a senior or special needs greyhound today? These dogs need your help right now:

Your sponsorship donations help support these dogs who need on-going special care and a chance for a stable home and love. If you believe every greyhound should know love regardless of age or illness, please donate today. We currently have 12 dogs in this category. 

bellarebecca Bella Rebecca is an 8 year old brood mom who arrived with 26 other dogs from Kansas at the beginning of August. Bella Rebecca went in for her exam and senior profile. At the time of exam a lump in one of her mammary glands was found. We did a needle aspirate and it was found to be “Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) – an uncommon form of malignant neoplasm that arises within secretory glands”. 



Tina (Athena) – is now in a foster home with a male Greyhound and an older shepherd, and she is doing great.  She is also being exposed to their grandsons regularly. Tina came to us with only three legs – she had a traumatic injury and her leg was amaputated. Being a three legged dog Athens - Fullhas not slowed her  down and she has a great attitude. She was having some issues in her previous foster home with anxiety and agression, and it was learned that she had a problem with her thyroid and she is now on thyroid medication and some supplements that has made Tina a much happier girl. She is ready for a forever home who will enjoy an active girl.







Mikey has been in foster care for a long time. He is a very sweet boy, but he has been having digestive issues. Mikey has undergone lots of medical testing and seems to have a type of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He is on a strict diet and has started on Prednisone to help with his internal inflamation. We hope to get Mikey a forever home soon so he can settle in and have less stress which should help with his tummy issues. Mikey does great with other dogs. Mikey needs a special home where he can settle in and relax to minimize his symptoms.





Neale - 11 yr old MaleNeale – SENIOR – is like a new dog on his herbal and glucosamine/chondroitin supplements. His  foster family slowly decreased the Tramadol for pain and he was continuing to do well so they could stop using it.  Unfortunately, he recently was running around in the back yard, and we found out that he had completely dislocated his third digit on his rear foot. He will have surgery on Tuesday, July 19 to remove the entire toe as there is no way to fix it, and he is in great pain.  At that time while he is under they will do a dental, skin tag and fatty tumor removal, if time allows.  He will be back on Tramadol, continue his Carprofen, and be on a round of antibiotics. It’s hard being an old man, but Neale is a lovely boy and a wonderful addition to his foster home. UPDATE: Neal recently had to have a toe removed due to an injury. He is recovering well.



Baby hBaby-head2as very red eyes and needs to go to the veterinary opthamologist – she is schduled next week to learn what’s wrong . We are hoping its something simple, but it could be Pannus, an autoimmune disease that effects the eyes and can cause blindness if left untreated. It is treatable with drops so its important to get a diagnosis right away. More news to follow when we have it. UPDATE: April 16 – Baby does have Pannus and treatment has begun to save her sight and make her eyes feel much better. She will need to have medication for hte rest of her life.







Bea – pre-surgery. One of the Tucson 25. Made the trip from Arizona in a splint and was a good natured girl the whole time.



This is Bea – she is a sweet girl and part of the Tucson 25 who just arrived last Saturday 3/19. Bea arrived in a splint and have a severely broken ankle. She was seen by an orthopedic specialist vet and he feels he can fix it with a surgery to fuse it but it is important to do the surgery right away toBEA_GREYHOUND PET ADOPTION - NW_12371-20160319105103980-0-original relieve her pain and to prevent it from healing improperly and making it worse. She is young and healthy and her prognosis is excellent after the surgery. She is scheduled to get her surgery on March 23rd and then go to a foster home to recuperate. This surgery will be about $4000 so we need your help to cover the cost of this major procedure. Please consider a special donation for Bea
– she is a special girl! We will provide updates on Bea as we get them. Check back again to see how she is doing.


Bea riding in the car from the orthopedic vet.



Bea has been back for her post surgery check and had her cast removed – she is doing great! Her foster family are doing a great job with her and she is a happy girl.

Most recent recheck/report indicates that she will have a better prognosis if she has the metal from her leg removed. If you’d like to donate towards Bea’s next surgery please click the blue button at the top or botton fo the page. 










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