The Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest Difference


Our Greyhounds live in foster homes

Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest is a foster-home based adoption program.  Almost all of the dogs we receive spend time in foster homes before being adopted. This means that the dogs are familiar with an in-home environment, have spent time walking on a leash, are learning how to play with children and adults and have begun or completed the house-training process.

We believe that this time in a foster home allows us to better understand the nature and personality of each dog so that we can recommend the right Greyhound for you and your home. Greyhounds have unique lives before being adopted. The transition from racing and their life in a kennel to being a pet and living in a home is process that can only begin once they actually enter a home.

The dogs true personality comes out once they are in a home environment. Our foster program allows that transition to begin and the Greyhounds personality to blossom. It also allows you to see what your new Greyhound is really like before you make the decision to adopt. Selecting the right dog for your home and situation is the most important thing we do as placement representatives. The more we know about our dogs, the better our placements are. Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest is the only foster-based adoption program for Greyhounds in the Northwest and we believe it makes a positive difference for you and for the Greyhounds.

We provide thorough medical and dental care

Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest provides much more medical care and preparation for their Greyhounds than most organizations, therefore our costs are higher and our adoption fee may be higher. We have a complete veterinary dental cleaning done on EVERY Greyhound entering our program. We don’t cut corners by providing dental cleaning for only some of our dogs. If a dog needs any teeth extracted, we take care of that as well so you don’t have to make another visit to your vet. All of our senior-age Greyhounds have a complete blood profile, called an SA1620/Superchem, which is a very in-depth view of the dog’s health. Any Greyhound that shows signs of injury or illness is seen by a veterinarian specifically for that issue. If needed, the dog will see a specialist to get the best possible treatment. We believe that all of this extra care is best for the dogs and their new owners. Ask your veterinarian what it will cost to have a dog’s teeth cleaned and the other things on this list and you’ll find that our adoption fee is very reasonable!

Before a Greyhound goes home with you, it will be:

  • Neutered or spayed
  • Treated to a complete dental checkup (cleaning, polishing, and any necessary extractions)
  • Updated for vaccinations (typically DHPP & Rabies)
  • Tested for Heartworm testing and preventative
  • De-wormed (round worms, tape worms, hook worms, whip worms)
  • Treated for fleas and ticks (typically Frontline Plus or Advantage)
  • Treated for several potential parasites such as giardia
  • Provided with any extraordinary medical treatment needed to be happy and healthy
  • Provided with any extraordinary blood testing, such as testing for tick-borne diseases and fungal disease
  • Senior-aged Greyhounds have full blood work performed (SA1620/Superchem)
  • Loved by a foster family and taught about life as a retired racing Greyhound

We offer dedicated support and follow-up

DashGreyhound Pet Adoption Northwest has been here for over 25 years and we will continue to be here for you and your Greyhound. Our volunteers are experienced with Greyhounds and are ready to support you when you need information, assistance or a friend to call on. Our program provides regular follow up with our adopters right from the fist day, week and the first months of your new dog’s arrival. We can help you with little things, like understanding your Greyhounds feeding schedule to big things, like house training and medical decisions.

We consider you part of our extended family and want you and your Greyhound to always feel welcome at Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest events and comfortable calling us anytime. Your placement representative will give you their home telephone number so you can call anytime you need help. Use the contact form to select the assistance you need. You can also contact our officers and directors yourself at any time. Our door is always open.