Adoption Application

*As of 1/1/2021 we have very limited openings for new adoption applications* 

With all of the changes happening there are just not that many Greyhounds available for adoption. Therefore, we are limiting applications to only people who have previously adopted greyhounds or have greyhound experience through fostering.

However, the wait time for a Greyhound may still be weeks or possibly months as the few dogs we are getting come to us intact and must be neutered or spayed prior to adoption.

We thank you for your interest in these amazing hounds and we hope to continue to find homes for retired Greyhounds from Ireland once the COVID restrictions have been lifted on flights to the US.



As an all-volunteer organization, one of our most limited resources is time. We do not have paid staff to process adoption applications and rely on our hard working volunteers to process applications, make home visits and complete adoptions. This process takes several hours for each application. Please read about the adoption process for important details of our process and requirements.

Because not every application leads to an adoption, we process several applications for each adoption that is completed. Sometimes a Greyhound is not the right dog for an adopter, other times an adopter may change their mind or adopt from another group that also provides Greyhounds. When our volunteers spend time on an application that does not result in an adoption, it delays others from getting their Greyhound and limits the number of successful adoptions we can provide. Since our goal is to match Greyhounds with adopters, we take as much time as necessary to find the right dog for each adopter. This can take time but the result is a Greyhound that is just the right fit for your home.

An application deposit of $100 is required with your application submission.

If your application is approved, this deposit will be applied toward the adoption fee at the time of adoption. If your application is declined by Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest your deposit will be refunded to you. You will only lose your deposit if you change your mind about adopting from Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest after you have submitted your application (in this case, the funds collected are charitable contributions that will enable Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest to continue our work and help Greyhounds).

If you have questions or don’t understand this policy, contact our Adoption Information coordinator by using our email contact form, or call us at 503-784-1285.

There are two ways to fill out a Greyhound adoption application

1. Use our online form (below). This is the fastest way to begin the process. Your application will be sent to us immediately and we will respond to you quickly.

2. Download a printable application, fill it out and mail it to Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest, PO Box 6524, Portland, OR 97228-6524

Note: You need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view this form.

Greyhound Pet Adoption Application
For example: John Smith / spouse Jan Doe / Roommate
Please note, GPA Northwest does not normally place Greyhounds with families who have children age 5 and under.
If you rent your home or live in an apartment or condominium please be prepared to provide WRITTEN APPROVAL from your landlord, along with your adoption application. Can you provide this approval?
If you do not have a fenced yard, would you commit to walking your dog several times per day, ALWAYS ON LEASH, regardless of the weather?
Include Type, Gender, Age, Disposition and whether they are indoor-only, outdoor-only, or both indoor and outdoor.
Please tell us about any other pets you\'ve had in the past, and why you no longer have them.
(for example: Playful, Laidback, friendly, low-energy etc.)
Is your veterinarian acquainted with the special anesthesia considerations and medical idiosyncrasies of Greyhounds?
1=Not very dog knowledgeable, 5=Extremely experienced
Which member of your household will be responsible for the care and training of your Greyhound?
Do you understand the ongoing expense of owning a dog? (Veterinary care, supplies and equipment, food, grooming, etc.)
(Please check all that apply)
GPA Northwest sometimes has older Greyhounds needing homes. Would you consider adopting one?
We occasionally have Greyhounds with special medical or other needs. Would you adopt a special needs dog?
In addition to adopting a loving friend, adoptive families also become part of the GPA Northwest family. GPA Northwest participates in many events throughout the year to increase public awareness about Greyhounds and find them life homes. Would you like to be invited to GPA Northwest events?
Would you be interested in volunteering with GPA Northwest in our efforts to promote the welfare and adoption of Greyhounds (placement representative, public appearances, fostering, fundraising, etc.)?
GPA Northwest is also always on the lookout for members with skills to help us with events and activities. What kinds of personal/professional skills might you be willing to offer? (Check all that apply)
I understand that by clicking Submit, I agree to pay the $100 application fee in order for my application to be processed.


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