Adoption FAQ

Is there a form I can fill out to get started?
Yes! We have an adoption application form that you fill out to give us information about you and your life situation. This is he first step toward adopting a Greyhound. You can download the application and return it to us or you can now fill out our online application and read more about the process.
I filled out the application, now what??
After reviewing all the information on the adoption questionnaire, one of our specially trained Volunteer Placement Representatives will contact you and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about owning a Greyhound. At the same time, our Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest Volunteer Placement Representative gets to know you and what kind of dog you are looking for.

Find out more about the Adoption Process.

I really liked one of the dogs I saw on your site. Can you make sure I get that one?
The list of available dogs shown on this site is updated regularly but it is possible that the dog you saw may have already been adopted. Dogs are placed in the homes that we feel best meet their needs and the needs of the adopters. There is also a sequence to the applications and placements so a dog that you like may be selected by someone who placed their application before you. Don’t worry, Greyhounds come in many sizes and colors but they all have great personalities. We have many dogs entering our program each month and we will work to find the right dog for you.
Who should adopt a Greyhound?
While we believe that a Greyhound is not the right dog for everyone, we also truly believe that there is a home suitable for all of the retiring Greyhounds. We want our Greyhounds adopted by people who want to understand and love the breed and their unique characteristics, not because they feel sorry for them. Our experience has shown us that sympathy adoptions are not usually life-long homes for the Greyhounds. Many people who adopt because they pity these animals expect them to be forever grateful and are not as flexible or forgiving when the dogs don’t live up to their expectations. Greyhounds are typically not well-suited to living with very small children. Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest does not adopt our greyhounds to homes with children younger than 5. This is both for the well-being of the children and the dogs. Children who can understand that dogs that may have space issues or issues when sleeping,  and that greyhound play style is not conducive to wrestling and rough play are ideal.
What should I expect when I bring a Greyhound into my home?
Greyhounds that have spent their entire lives at the racetrack have never experienced things like stairs, glass doors, slick or shiny floors, and mirrors. Our foster home program is designed to give the racing Greyhounds a transition from racing life to home/pet life. The foster home will introduce them to some of  these new objects. Most Greyhounds adapt quickly, but patience and understanding is important with Greyhounds. Coming to your home from a foster home is another big change for the Greyhound and you will need to reinforce what it learned in foster care. Your new dog will get to know your house, yard and all the people and other animals pretty quickly and you need to help them by being there as they explore. You will teach them what is acceptable and what is not. Greyhounds want to please their people so positive reinforcement and a gentle correction are usually all that is needed.

It’s also important to establish a routine as quickly as possible. Greyhounds, like any other dog, appreciate a regular routine and takes comfort in knowing what to expect. Get on a feeding schedule (twice per day is best, once in the morning and once in the evening) and establish a regular wake/sleep schedule each morning and each evening. Whatever your lifestyle, Greyhounds will adapt to your schedule and be quite happy. They will likely make the transition within a matter of days or weeks. Every dog is different, so the adaptation time will vary.

Can I adopt/buy a Greyhound puppy?
Racing Greyhounds are bred specifically for racing ad are not usually sold as pets. They cost between $1,500 and $2,000 as puppies and most racers will not sell them because they are part of their business. It’s like trying to buy any professional athlete, you can do it but it’s expensive. AKC, or show Greyhounds are available but they are very different than racing Greyhounds. AKC dogs are bred for looks, not for racing. The personality of a racing Greyhound is partially from its genetics and partially from its experiences as a puppy in the racing business.

Occasionally, we will get a puppy that can’t race for some reason or was not bred with proper documentation so it cannot race. We even get pregnant females sometimes and the puppies that come from those dogs need homes. Greyhound puppies are extremely energetic, like any puppy but more so. They are sprinters with powerful muscles so even as puppies; they are a lot to handle. When you adopt a retired racer, even a young dog, they have already been raised and trained for most things. Their personality is established and because their experiences as racing dogs are so consistent, their personalities tend to be consistent. A puppy is an unknown personality and depending how good you are at raising a dog, it may end up very different as an adult than the retired racers you know.