Adoption Process

*As of 1/1/2021 we have very limited openings for new adoption applications* 

With all of the changes happening there are just not that many Greyhounds available for adoption.  Therefore, we are limiting applications to only people who have previously adopted greyhounds or have greyhound experience, and people who own a home with a fully and securely fenced yard as well as have at least some large dog experience can now submit applications.

However, the wait time for a Greyhound may still be weeks or possibly months as the few dogs we are getting come to us intact and must be neutered or spayed prior to adoption.

We thank you for your interest in these amazing hounds and we hope to continue to find homes for retired Greyhounds from Ireland once the COVID restrictions have been lifted on flights to the US.



Adoption Process:

  1. Complete our application form.
  2. One of our trained placement volunteers will contact you by telephone.
  3. Once your phone interview is completed, the placement volunteer will schedule a time to visit you in your home.
  4. Your placement representative will work to match you with just the right Greyhound.
  5. After your Greyhound comes to live with you, our placement representative will follow up with you to be sure everything is going well.
  6. Please note that the adoption process can take a few weeks to a few months. This depends on several factors – Applications are process on a first come first served basis there may be a number of applications ahead of you, number of available adoptable dogs, and matching the right dog to your particular situation (i.e. must be an only dog, must be able to live with other dogs, cats or other pets, children, etc)


Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest seeks qualified adoptive homes that are committed to responsible pet ownership. We have established formal procedures to ensure that retired racers are placed in loving homes with people who will take good care of them for the rest of their lives. Browse our website and read over the adoption agreement. Prospective owners must understand that Greyhounds need to be house pets, since they have little natural protection from the elements. Due to their breeding and training, they must be leashed at all times when not in an enclosed area. Greyhounds are not recommended for homes with very young children. Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest does not adopt Greyhounds to homes with children younger that 5 years old.

Read this page to learn just how much we do to prepare your Greyhound for life as a pet and why Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest is the leading Greyhound adoption organization in the Northwest. We do more for the Greyhounds and we provide more support for you. We also provide opportunities for you to participate in fun activities to help more Greyhounds find homes and to enjoy being with other Greyhound owners and their dogs.

Starting The Adoption Process

After reviewing the information on this website, if you are interested in adopting a retired racing Greyhound please complete the online application, download a printable adoption application from the Adobe PDF file and mail it in with your $100 application fee,  or call Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest to have an application mailed to you, 800-767-5139 or 503-784-1285.


As an all-volunteer organization, one of our most limited resources is time. We do not have paid staff to process adoption applications and rely on our hard working volunteers to process applications, make home visits and complete adoptions. This process takes several hours for each application.

Because not every application leads to an adoption, we process several applications for each adoption that is completed. Sometimes a Greyhound is not the right dog for an adopter, other times an adopter may change their mind or adopt from another group that also provides Greyhounds. When our volunteers spend time on an application that does not result in an adoption, it delays others from getting their Greyhound and limits the number of successful adoptions we can provide. Since our goal is to match Greyhounds with adopters, we take as much time as necessary to find the right dog for each adopter. This can take time but the result is a Greyhound that is just the right fit for your home.

An application deposit of $100  is required when you submit your application. If your application is approved, this deposit will be applied toward the adoption fee at the time of adoption. If your application is declined by Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest your deposit will be refunded to you. You will only lose your deposit if you change your mind about adopting from Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest after you have submitted your application.

If you have questions or don’t understand this policy, contact us, or call 503-784-1285.

1) Placement Representative visit

When your completed application and application deposit is received, a placement representative will call you. They will explain what having a Greyhound is like and answer any questions you may have about Greyhounds or our adoption process. After the telephone discussion, if you both agree that a Greyhound sounds right for you, the placement representative will arrange a convenient time to visit with you in your home. During the in-home visit, you and the placement representative will put together a profile of the Greyhound best suited to your lifestyle and needs. While there, the placement representative will answer your questions and show you any possible danger points in your home and yard. Greyhounds have some special requirements and your placement representative will help you see your home and yard through the eyes of a Greyhound. Should you decide to adopt and your application is approved, your placement representative will suggest ways to make the addition of your Greyhound a safe and happy experience for all concerned. Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest will provide suitable Greyhounds within 90 days or return the deposit. Approved adopters will have 90 days from their home visit date to select and adopt a Greyhound before they will be required to reestablish their application with a second deposit.

2) Selecting the right Greyhound

Because our Greyhounds are cared for in foster homes, we are able to compile profiles on the Greyhounds available for adoption. We compare these profiles with the profile you and your placement representative prepared. We will select Greyhounds that match what you are looking for and your placement representative will call you with the names and descriptions of the dogs that we think best meet your preferences and needs, as well as the needs of the Greyhounds. You are welcome to visit these dogs with your placement representative. You then have the opportunity to choose the dog you want to adopt from the dogs you have met or to continue looking. When you have found the Greyhound of your dreams, we will help you complete the adoption arrangements. Once you select a Greyhound, you will have one (1) week to adopt and take possession of the Greyhound or you will be charged a $20.00 per day boarding fee. This is to defer the costs to maintain the Greyhound in our foster program after it has been adopted.

3) The adoption

Our current adoption fee for each greyhound is  $500  to help us recover part of our costs and continue our adoption program.  The application deposit you paid when submitting your application will be applied toward your adoption fee.

Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest provides a very high level of medical care and preparation for their Greyhounds, therefore our costs are higher and our adoption fee may be higher. Our veterinary costs have increased and the cost for medications and treatments have increased. This includes cost for spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm test and treatment, flea and tick preventatives and deworming medications. When you adopt your greyhound, you will be getting a dog who has been thoroughly examined and vetted. We have a complete veterinary dental cleaning done on EVERY Greyhound entering our program.  If a dog needs any teeth extracted, we take care of that as well so you don’t have to make another visit to your vet. All of our senior aged Greyhounds have a complete blood profile, called an SA1620/Superchem, which is a very in-depth view of the dogs health. Any Greyhound that shows signs of injury or illness is seen by a veterinarian specifically for that issue. If needed, the dog will see a specialist to get the best possible treatment. We believe that all of this extra care is best for the dogs and their new owners.

Before your Greyhound goes home with you he or she,

  • is neutered or spayed
  • has a complete dental treatment (cleaning, polishing, and any extractions that may have been necessary)
  • has all vaccinations updated (Typically DHPP & Rabies)
  • has received heartworm testing and preventative monthly treatment
  • has received de-worming (Round Worms, Tape Worms, Hook Worms, Whip Worms)
  • has had flea & tick treatment applied (typically Frontline Plus or Advantage)
  • has been treated for several potential parasites, such as Giardia
  • has had all extraordinary medical treatment needed to be happy and healthy
  • has had any extraordinary blood testing needed, such as testing for tick-borne diseases and fungal disease
  • all Senior aged Greyhounds have full blood work performed
  • has been loved by a foster family and taught about life as a retired racing Greyhound

Each dog comes with a Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest identification tag, and a special Greyhound safety collar (called a Martingale, with a matching leash), a muzzle and one month of  Heartworm preventative medication. You will also receive the GPA Northwest New Owners Guide, which contains information about integrating your new Greyhound into your home. Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest is the original Greyhound Adoption program in Oregon. We have been supporting Greyhound adopters for 25 years and we will be there for you when you need help and support.

Complete the adoption paperwork and take possession of your new Greyhound! Your placement representative will have you fill out an adoption form and will provide you with a packet of information, literature and coupons. Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of a wonderful Greyhound!

4) Follow-up

After you adopt your Greyhound from Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest, our placement representative will contact you the following day, about a week later and usually a few times during your first month or two. This is to be sure that your questions are answered and that any issues with your new Greyhound are resolved as quickly as possible. Most often, any issue can be corrected easily if it is addressed quickly with the proper information and knowledge. We want your new Greyhound to fit perfectly into your life and family so we will encourage you to call us any time you have a question or want information. You can’t call too often, we are always here for you.

We will also include you on our mailing list so you receive our quarterly newsletter and, if you choose, you can be part of our email newsletter subscriber list and receive current information about Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest events, news and information about Greyhounds.