Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest FAQ

Is Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest a non-profit organization?
Yes, Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit, 501c3 charitable organization. We are exempt from most taxes and contributions to our organization are tax deductible for our donors. GPA Northwest is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers; all donations and other revenues are dedicated entirely to supporting its Greyhound adoption program.
When did Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest start?
Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest is the original Greyhound Adoption organization in Oregon. We began in the 1980s, long before there was any support for adoption programs and before we even had a name. It started with just one person working to find homes for Greyhounds that could no longer race but had a long life left to share. By 1987 the organization was growing and became a non-profit corporation with 501c3 tax-exempt status. We became part of the first National Greyhound adoption system in the United States, called Greyhound Pets of America. Our name became Greyhound Pets of America Northwest but we were known locally as GPA Northwest.

Since then, GPA Northwest has been the leader in Greyhound adoption in Oregon and developed most of the formal procedures used by everyone working with Greyhound adoption in the Northwest, including many other Greyhound organizations in the area. Nearly every person working in Greyhound adoption in Oregon started at GPA Northwest or has been trained by someone that did.

GPA Northwest was instrumental in helping to establish the holding kennel formerly at the Multnomah Greyhound Park racetrack. Our volunteers established and staffed weekly walking days for the Greyhounds and monthly bath days. When the racetrack closed in 2004, GPA Northwest maintained our commitment to find homes for Greyhounds that could not race. Working directly with the owners and trainers, we continued to be the leading adoption organization in Oregon. These relationships with Greyhound racing owners and trainers means that every Greyhound that began it’s life in Oregon can return to Oregon, knowing they will find homes through the GPA Northwest Adoption program. In addition to Oregon bred Greyhounds, we also find homes for Greyhounds from many other states where racing continues.

In early 2010 we decided to change our name to one that was more local to the area we work in and we chose to become Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest. Our new name says it all, we adopt Greyhounds as pets in the Northwest! We are an all-volunteer, independent Greyhound adoption organization.

Who runs Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest?
We are a 100% volunteer run organization. There are no paid staff in Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest. Our board of directors are elected by the members to run the business operations of the group and there are several key volunteer leaders who manage the various departments of the organization. We have all learned by helping and volunteering. Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest welcomes volunteers from all walks of life, regardless of whether they have adopted a Greyhound. All that is required is a love of animals, and a willingness to work.
What does Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest think about Greyhound racing?
We volunteer for the dogs – not for any political agenda. It is GPA’s policy that . . . “Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest is politically neutral and is neither pro- nor anti-racing.” This policy also includes statements referring to lobbying or activist participation, “Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest is primarily interested in the welfare of the Greyhound. We are NOT animal activists . . . We DO NOT lobby, march, or picket against anything. We would also consider time spent in lobbying, marching or picketing to be counter productive to our stated purposes, finding loving homes for Greyhounds and educating the public about what great pets Greyhounds can be.”