You’ve had so many names in your life. you came to me as Sugarfree Laurel, or Laurel, as your foster Mom Jill called you. I took one look at you and you became my Bella, my beautiful Isabella, Bell, Bells, Funny Face, Honey Bunny. To your Sissy Erika you were her Pretty, Pretty Princess. To your little Sissy Kait you were her Belly Bean. To your Auntie Kim you were her Silly Diva Girl. You were loved by them all, and more. You were always there for me, and as we let you go we saw the love and thank you in your eyes. Now, as you begin your journey to Rainbow Bridge, Dad and I, all your family and friends, human and animal, will miss you, but now you are free to run and run and run. You can play squeaky with all those waiting for you…Nico, Mongo, Magic and Marley. Until we meet again at the bridge, you will remain forever in our hearts.