Care of the Racing and Retired Greyhound (Paperback)


This book is an updated companion to the authors’ first book, Care of the Racing Greyhound.

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This new book has expanded to be over 25% larger with many new illustrations and photographs and added material to cover the following:

  • Geriatric Problems of Greyhounds including cancer, kidney, pancreas and heart diseases.
  • Adoption of a Greyhound with idiosyncrasies of the breed
  • Heat Stroke and problems with coursing Greyhounds.
  • Metabolic problems including thumps and hypothyroidism.
  • Expansion of tick diseases and a new section on immune mediated diseases.
  • New drug withdrawal times based on current drug testing methodologies.
  • Identification of Greyhounds using tattoos, coat colors, and DNA testing.
  • Current and updated treatments, rehabilitation/physical therapy, and exercise scheduling to return to function with the multiple musculoskeletal injuries sustained by Greyhounds.