Jokko Ball Cover with Ball


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Jokko Ball Cover is a dogs and owner’s best friend outdoors. Say goodbye to dirty, slobber-soaked tennis balls within minutes of playing fetch at the park. A cleaner ball means healthier, stronger teeth and cleaner tongues for giving kisses. A Jokko Ball Cover transforms the classic, lightweight tennis ball into a cleaner, wipe-able, slobber-resistant ball that will far outlast a naked tennis ball or its counterpart, the heavy and bouncy rubber ball. Jokko’s brightly colored ball covers improve visibility in the grass, in a pool or even at the beach. And they float!

  • Protects Teeth (dirt in tennis ball fibers wear out dog’s teeth)
  • Good for the environment (no more broken gross balls left at the park and beach)
  • Removable / Reusable – extends tennis ball use
  • 100% non toxic flexible silicone (stretches over ball and protects it from slobber and dirt pick up)

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