Available Dogs

*As of 1/1/2021 we have very limited openings for new adoption applications* 

With all of the changes happening there are just not that many Greyhounds available for adoption.  Therefore, we are limiting applications to only people who have previously adopted greyhounds or have greyhound experience, and people who own a home with a fully and securely fenced yard as well as have at least some large dog experience can now submit applications.

However, the wait time for a Greyhound may still be weeks or possibly months as the few dogs we are getting come to us intact and must be neutered or spayed prior to adoption.

We thank you for your interest in these amazing hounds and we hope to continue to find homes for retired Greyhounds from Ireland once the COVID restrictions have been lifted on flights to the US.



Welcome to our Adoptable Dogs Page. This is not a complete list of all our dogs, but a representation. Some dogs may not be listed on the site yet because they haven’t been to “picture day”. Or, they may not be listed if their medical procedures such as spay/neuter and dental have not been completed. The best way to get to start the adoption process is to complete an adoption application.   Our priority is finding the perfect home for each individual dog, so by learning about your situation (home, lifestyle, kids, other pets, etc.) we are able to make a better match.

We do ask for your patience as the adoption process can take a minimum of 4-6 months.  The demand for adopting currently far exceeds the supply of available retired Greyhounds, so we do have a waiting list for the dogs we are able to bring into our program.  As we focus on finding the perfect home for each dog, the wait may be longer depending on your particular situation (i.e. apartment living, must be an only dog, must be able to live with other dogs, cats or other pets, children, etc).  Adopting a Greyhound is well worth the wait!