Lost Greyhounds

If your Greyhound ever gets loose or is missing, please follow these steps to help find it safely and quickly.

  • Follow your dog by foot or in a car
  • Use a squawker to recall your dog
  • Establish a rough perimeter to search
  • Ask others for help immediately to search
  • Contact GPA Northwest to report the dog loose
  • Check neighbors and nearby places
  • Post the Lost Greyhound Flyers
  • Keep GPA Northwest informed of your progress
  • Don’t give up, keep searching

If you saw your dog get loose: Immediately run or drive in the direction the dog was last seen moving. Greyhounds don’t always move in a straight line when they are not running so you will have to look at side streets and other hiding places as you go. Try to get as much help as quickly as possible. If your dog got loose on a route you take often, it may follow that route even though you don’t have their leash. If you loose site of the dog, get in your car and follow that way. You can’t outrun the dog.

If you did NOT see your dog get loose: Try to determine how long it may have been gone. This can help establish a perimeter to search. A Greyhound will usually move about 3 miles per hour so you can estimate a perimeter to search within based on how long the dog has been loose. Start in the center (your home) and work out in all directions, calling the dog’s name as you go. In some cases, the dog will stay close to where it started, sniffing and looking around.

If you have a squawker recall noise maker, use it as you walk or drive slowly. Many Greyhounds will come to this sound.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, from people you know and people you meet as you are looking. Greyhounds often gravitate toward people so look where you see people, at your neighbors and other places the dog may have stopped for human interaction.

Call GPA Northwest at 800-767-5139 or 503-784-1285 and let them know your dog is loose. Have the dog’s name, sex, color and GPA-NW tag# so we can track it in our system. Give us your phone numbers (home and cell) so we can call you if we hear anything.

If you don’t find your Greyhound within the first few hours, print the Lost Greyhound Flyer, fill in the information and post them around the area you think the dog may be roaming. The Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest phone numbers are on the flyer. We often get called and can reunite you with your dog.