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Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest welcomes volunteers from all walks of life, regardless of whether they have adopted a Greyhound. All that is required is a love of animals, and a willingness to work. For more information or to get involved, contact our Volunteer Coordinator or call 503-784-1285

You can download a copy of our Volunteer Handbook here. Volunteer Handbook Revised final 2. 21.16

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URGENT OPEN POSITION – Hounds Rest Coordinator 

This person trains and schedules volunteers  to assure coverage when dogs are in residence at Hounds Rest; assures that food, medications and supplies are on location as needed; coordinates necessary maintenance for the facility.

  1. Trains or delegates the training of new HR volunteers in kennel and safety procedures. 
  1. Schedules volunteers for daily AM kennel cleaning, feeding and turnout of dogs residing at Hounds rest; coordinates with the Volunteer Recruiter and Volunteer Scheduler to fill time slots as needed; also directly recruits volunteers. Preferred to have 2 visits per day with PM visit for turn out and feces removal.
  1. Maintains a current list of all current kennel volunteers including name, email and phone numbers
  1. Arranges for greeting of new dogs and team volunteers when groups of hounds are transported to Hounds Rest; works with Animal Welfare Coordinator and transport crew to get dogs out of trailers, settled in individual runs, fed, and other necessary activities following intake protocols.
  2. Coordinates the daily messages and logs indicating to volunteers any pertinent information about individual dogs, including medications they are on; reports medical problems to Animal Welfare Coordinator as needed.
  1. Manages a closed Facebook group to communicate with HR volunteers and Board members.
  1. Develops hound enrichment activities such as dog walks at Stargazer farm.
  1. Works with Board members to document and post an up-to-date emergency plan including contact information, and plans for inclement weather and hound injury or escape.
  1. Assures that food and other supplies are available as needed in the facility’s storage container.
  2. Brings issues regarding kennel maintenance and improvement to the Board of Director’s attention and action
  3. Creates a monthly HR report for the Board of Director’s including # of dogs onsite at the end of each month, Condition concerns such as kennel repair, safety issues,Volunteer numbers and availability, Supply inventory,Blanket inventory

PREFERRED SKILLS:  Experience working safely with greyhounds directly from the racing track; ability to train and schedule volunteers, good overall organizational and communication skills.  Please email volunteernw@gpa-nw.org if you or someone you know is interested.



This person maintains contact information on GPANW volunteers (Excel and/or email database) and recruits volunteers for GPANW events and activities.  Respond to requests from event leaders for volunteers – when, where, how many.  Send group emails to volunteers and track signups to assure adequate numbers for the events. Requires communication via email and sometimes phone, knowldge of upcoming event needs. If you’d like more infomration about this position, please email volunteernw@gpa-nw.org.


Hounds Rest Volunteers  – Volunteers are needed every morning at our temporary housing facility for new dogs, located in Sandy, Oregon.  Volunteers feed dogs, take them to turn-out pens, and clean individual pens.  Routine daily care takes approximately 2 to 3 hours, depending on number of dogs. Additional volunteers are needed for periodic work days to do kennel maintenance and take care of the turnouts and fences. Email volunteernw@gpa-nw.org to be added to the list.

Foster Families – Families who open their homes to a new greyhound are the heart of our program.  Foster parents are responsible for the care of the greyhound including:  house-training, teaching appropriate indoor and outdoor behavior, walking on a leash, proper interaction with other pets and family members.  This is one of our most critical and rewarding volunteer roles! For more information on fostering, please click here.

Fundraising –  Our Fundraising Committee is looking for new volunteers with experience and interest in donor development, corporate sponsorships, fundraising event planning or advertising. If you have Grant Writing experience we’d love to talk to you. Contact volunteernw@gpa-nw.org for more information.

Placement Volunteers – Remember the person who introduced you to your first greyhound and provided you with support and advice in those first couple of weeks? If you have some greyhound experience, perhaps you can share that same positive experience for another individual or family as they embark on greyhound adoption. Let us know if you would like to learn more about one of the most critical and most rewarding volunteering jobs: introducing greyhounds to their forever homes. Contact volunteernw-gpa-nw.org.

Transportation Volunteers – The Greyhounds often need to be transported from one place to another. This may be from their foster home to an event or to the veterinarian for an appointment. All that is needed is some training in handling a Greyhound safely and good driving! We can use help in many areas of Portland, Salem and Eugene.  Contact volunteernw@gpa-nw.org if you are interested in this position.

Major Events Helpers – Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest puts on several major events each year. These special events require a lot of manpower to move the materials from storage to the event site, setup of the events, and staffing. You might do things like take admission tickets, sell raffle tickets, or help with food. You might even run greyhound games and activities and hand out prizes. No experience is necessary for most aspects of this work, but you will be trained as needed.

Sewing volunteers – Do you have a sewing machine that is crying for use? Are you a seamstress that needs something new to stitch? If so you are just the person our greyhounds are looking for. The pups that reside in our holding facility are very active and really like presenting a challenge for the novice seamstress. They take greyt pride in their abilities to tear holes, rip seams and just generally make a mess out of a blanket, just so they can see the reaction of the cleaning crew the following day. We are in need of at least one, possibly two volunteers that can take larger donated blankets, cut them into usable size and finish the edges (a surger works really well but a tight zigzag stitch works too) as well as mend existing blankets that our puppies tear apart. The blankets are always laundered prior to repairs and we will arrange to have blankets dropped off and picked up when ready. If you have some spare time and would like to help keep the greyhounds comfy and warm please contact Jackie Holstrom (holstrj1@yahoo.om).

Laundry Volunteers – wash blankets and bedding and dog jackets from our kennel and medical ward. We can provide allergy free detergent. We also need laundry help after a haul to bring new greyhounds to launder the bedding from our dog trailer.